Redesign of Education Transformation Survey



Redesign of Education Transformation Survey

Public sector education initiative by Microsoft

  • The survey tool is popular across the globe for school transformation initiatives but lacked platform stability and had issues with user experience.
  • The survey questions needed to align with the latest Education Transformation Framework and 21st Century Pedagogy principles.
  • The survey results had to be enhanced with recommendations on next steps.
  • Work with a large number of school leaders and educators in a time-bound manner to collect insights on improving the survey.
  • Uncertainty on whether the redesigned survey would be hosted on the same platform or moved to a new space.
  • We created focus groups to interview hundreds of school leaders and educators across 3 continents (North America, Europe, Asia).
  • The insights collected were used to enhance the survey and reach a decision on the hosting of the tool.
  • Survey results were mapped to leading technology solutions and case studies.
  • The usage of the redesigned survey increased by 33% when tracked over a period of 2 months since deployment.
  • The client’s technology sales team received an increasing number of leads for digital classroom transformation.

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