Process and Product Training Development

No matter how complex the process or product, we assure you of simple, engaging, and instructionally-sound training content, based on time-tested pedagogical theories and models.

We design solutions for real and specific problems. We believe in adopting an impact-driven approach towards finding solutions and translating interesting ideas into effective and engaging products and services.

Product Training

No matter how complex the process or the product is, we design highly-efficient ILT, eLearning, and blended learning curriculums for the end user’s training purposes so that they are fully adept with the product or process and they understand how to use it effectively in a way that it yields the desired business results. We ensure that the content that is created is instructionally-sound, based on time-tested pedagogical theories and models. The product training is a carefully crafted procedure from problem assessment to implementation and evaluation of effective training.

Recognizing The Problem

Organizational problems can be solved effectively if the right product knowledge training is delivered. We carefully scrutinize the problem and identify the business goal for which training is required. We then apply the correct learning methodology that is most effective for the specific learners and create training programs accordingly so that it is highly effective for the learners.

Developing Learning Objectives

While this is true for all types of learning while creating process and product training it is extremely important to define SMART learning objectives.Having Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) objectives ensures that the learning is imparted in least possible time to the maximum audience set.

Designing Product Management Training Program

Imparting learning for a product can be extremely challenging. The product may be a hardware product or a software product or a combination of both. Therefore it becomes important to have deep expertise in creating product training.
Our expert learning consultants have vast experience creating product training. Integrating storytelling with carefully engineered learning solutions is the essence we tap on while designing our training program..

Product Training Implementation

Implementing the product or process training can be tricky, particularly in product training. This is because in many cases the training might have to be integrated with the product. In some cases the implementation of the training has to be on the same timeline as the product release. Therefore it becomes important that training development runs in parallel to product development.
Our team has considerable experience in working in such scenarios for multiple clients and many products. We can help you define your training development timeline so that when your customers have your product they also have the associated training programs as well.


Training evaluation is the most important tool in the overall training lifecycle because it helps you measure if the effort and budget spent on the training is yielding results or not. The evaluation inputs from the training programs are assessed using four criteria including employees’ reactions to training, actual learning imbibed, post-training behavior, and quantifiable business results (ROI).


We just completed beta changes and I must say it looks great! Thank you and team for all the brainstorming that went into creating the course!

Swati Sengupta, Global E-Learning Manager, Nobel Biocare Services AG

Heck, you did such a good job that we should pay you twice!

Ray Horak, The Context Corporation

That is a testament to your abilities and expertise. You guys did a GREAT job, were on top of everything, and the project went off like clockwork. I don’t think many people could step in like you guys did in the middle of two big projects like that and manage them as successfully as you did, especially with the hurdles we faced with product delays and the VM issues. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication!

Tony Frink – Senior Content Development Manager, Microsoft

You did a fabulous job in such a short timeframe. Thank you both very much! seems anti-climactic to say thank you in one simple little sentence. I wish I had a couple of cymbals and some fanfare!!

Meg Olsen, Principal, Waypoint Ventures LLC

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