Custom eLearning

You may need an eLearning course that simulates a virtual world. Or else you may need a 30-minute introduction to a training program next week. Apposite can provide you both. We have learning and visual design experts who can dream up a world for you. We also have wizards who can conjure a full-fledged course in no time. Take a look at the two modes of learning development that we offer.

Rapid development

When there is a need for creating instructionally effective learning content within shorter timelines and with minimal budgets, we provide rapid eLearning solutions that are developed using tools such as Articulate Storyline, Trivantis Lectora, Adobe Captivate, and other rapid authoring tools.

Custom development

We create sophisticated custom eLearning content with 3D animations, games, simulations, HD videos, and complex branching scenarios for clients that need learning content for higher cognitive skills.

Our custom eLearning content can include a sales training program, product training, HR training, IT training, soft-skills training, legal and compliance training, and more. Our sales training program is to improve selling skills, and knowledge and maximize sales success. A sales training program is created to assist an organization or a person to reach their goals and succeeding.

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Custom eLearning programs are eLearning courses that are specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements and needs of your business or organization. Custom eLearning programs take time to create as it involves planning, curating content, designing it according to instructional design principles, and developing it from scratch. Custom courses aligned to your business goals and learners’ needs can also be tracked and measured.

Custom eLearning course are specifically designed to fit the requirement and structure of your business or organization. Off-the-shelf eLearning courses are pre-packaged courses that seem like a perfect solution for an eLearning requirements, but when it comes to learning and development, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for organizations. Also, implementing Learning Analytics effectively may not be possible when you license courses from external Off-the-shelf providers as you have to depend on the provider to send you tracking reports.

A sales training program should cater towards multiple styles of learning. It should include modules for helping new representatives to understand all facets of the customer experience. It should also include detailed information about your products and market with an emphasize on your Unique Selling Proposition and processes. Emphasis should also be laid upon providing CRM training so that the trainees can learn company’s processes and any customization in the software.

1) Provide targeted training for sales reps’ pain points: Conduct a discovery phase to learn about your prospects’ pains, challenges, goals, and wildest daydreams.
2) Facilitate Peer-To-Peer Learning: People learn more efficiently when human interaction and collaboration is involved. You can do this by building feedback into everything.
3) Leverage micro-learning: Break your training into small chunks of knowledge. The information learnt is easier to consume and retain.

Custom sales training programs are developed to meet your employees’ needs and your organization’s goals. These programs can help improve an organization’s bottom lines in following ways:
1) Better retention rates: Studies have indicated that there are some important retention benefits from coaching your high performers. By implementing eLearning alone, employee retention rates can increase by up to 60%.
2) Higher Revenue: Companies with sales coaching programs have a higher overall revenue plan attainment than companies whose coaching skills only met expectations.
3) Increased Productivity: Engaged and motivated employees are far more productive than those who are bored and checked out.

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