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S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Customer communication essentials Customer Service Skills 50 Min Description: This course delves into essential customer service skills necessary for delivering exceptional experiences. Participants will learn the significance of active listening, effective communication, and problem-solving to address diverse customer needs. Understanding different personality types and their preferences will be explored to tailor interactions for maximum impact. Yes
2 Customer communication essentials Customer Service Fundamentals 30 Min This course explores the significance of customer service, emphasizing the importance of striking a balance between personal and professional interactions. It also delves into strategies for not only meeting but surpassing customer expectations. Yes
3 Customer communication essentials Customer Communication Essentials 45 Min Customer communication is vital in any business. This course explores its significance, focusing on the basics: greeting customers warmly, active listening to their needs, and expressing empathy to build trust and enhance the customer experience. Yes
4 Customer communication essentials Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service 60 Min This course on Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service delves into vital aspects. It starts with an introduction to cultural awareness. Emphasizes the role of emotions and trust-building. Explores decision-making and persuasion techniques, time considerations, methods to check for understanding, effective communication, and addressing biases for exceptional customer service. No
5 Customer communication essentials Managing a Customer Service Team 60 Min This course is a comprehensive guide to managing a customer service team. It covers the fundamentals of customer service, advanced service management techniques, strategies for empowering your team, and how to evaluate and measure the success of your customer service operations, ensuring exceptional service delivery. No
6 Customer communication essentials Managing a Successful Contact Center 40 Min Enhance your proficiency in contact center management with this course. Covering the essential management principles, you’ll delve into strategies for improving performance and productivity. The course emphasizes hands-on practice and detailed review to ensure you can effectively lead a successful contact center team. No
7 Customer communication essentials Soliciting and Responding to Customer Feedback 40 Min This course highlights the significance of customer feedback, providing insights into why it’s valuable. It offers strategies for soliciting meaningful feedback, guidance on responding to various feedback types, and presents sample responses to enhance customer relationships and product/service improvements. No
8 Customer communication essentials Working With Upset Customers 30 Min This course explores the reasons behind customer frustration, teaching the art of delivering sincere and effective customer apologies. It equips you with strategies for responding to challenging situations, including abusive customer interactions, to turn dissatisfaction into satisfaction while maintaining professionalism and resolving issues. No
9 Customer communication essentials Optimizing Customer Communication Across Channels 50 Min Discover how to excel in customer service across diverse channels with this course. Explore various service types, master the art of crafting exceptional customer emails, and learn effective approaches for assisting customers through live chat and social media. Gain valuable strategies to optimize customer communication and satisfaction. No
10 Customer communication essentials Handling Difficult Customer Service Scenarios 40 Min This course provides essential strategies for managing challenging customer service situations. Learn seven effective techniques to regain control of conversations, navigate refund and cancellation requests, gracefully decline customer requests, and proactively retain customer loyalty during crisis scenarios, ensuring a positive customer experience. No
11 Customer communication essentials Do You Have These Four Essential Customer Service Skills? 40 Min Discover the cornerstone of exceptional customer service with this course. Delve into the four indispensable skills: empathy, patience, positivity, and strong communication abilities. These skills are key to providing exceptional customer experiences and building lasting relationships with your clientele. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Professional skills Workplace Communication Basics 50 Min This course covers fundamental aspects of workplace communication. It delves into the essentials of verbal communication, including effective speaking and active listening. It also explores written communication, providing insights into clear and concise written expression for professional interactions in the workplace. No
2 Professional skills Project Management 101 60 Min Discover the core principles of project management in this introductory course. Explore project fundamentals, from initiation to closure. Learn the art of scheduling, effective communication, and tracking progress. Gain insights into project reporting to ensure your projects run smoothly and achieve their objectives. No
3 Professional skills Resolving Conflict With Coworkers 50 Min This course unravels conflict resolution basics in the workplace. Delve into conflict fundamentals, understand common responses to conflicts, and acquire effective conflict resolution strategies. By the end, you’ll be equipped to navigate and resolve workplace conflicts, fostering healthier and more productive working relationships. No
4 Professional skills Time Management 120 Min This time management course delves into key aspects: understanding time management principles, the art of working smarter rather than harder, tracking and analyzing how you spend your time, effective task prioritization, creating schedules, and highlighting essential do’s and don’ts for optimizing productivity. Yes
5 Professional skills Improve Your Business Writing Skills 30 Min Enhance your business writing proficiency with this course. It begins with an introduction to the significance of effective communication. Learn techniques to organize your writing for clarity and impact. Discover methods to refine and improve your writing style to convey messages more convincingly and professionally. Yes
6 Professional skills Mastering Project Management Frameworks 40 Min This course explores the diverse landscape of project management frameworks, covering various types, scheduling techniques, and the agile approach. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of these methodologies to effectively plan, execute, and adapt to the dynamic demands of modern projects. Yes
7 Professional skills Developing and Maintaining a Professional Network 30 Min This course guides you through building and nurturing a valuable professional network. Learn strategies to create and expand your network, master the art of delivering a compelling elevator pitch, gain the skills to navigate business networking events with confidence, and discover how to maintain and leverage your network effectively for career growth. No
8 Professional skills Project Management Scheduling 30 Min Dive into the intricacies of project management scheduling with this course. Explore various scheduling techniques, including defining deliverables and activities. Learn how to estimate time accurately and understand the different types of task dependencies, ensuring your projects are well-structured and executed efficiently. No
9 Professional skills Communication Strategies for Project Managers 30 Min Empower your project management with stellar communication. Understand the pivotal role of effective communication in projects. Learn to orchestrate productive meetings and select the right communication tools. This course equips you with indispensable strategies to drive successful project outcomes through clear, efficient, and impactful communication. No
10 Professional skills Secrets to Successful Reporting for Project Managers 40 Min Elevate your project management with advanced reporting techniques. Dive into project reporting fundamentals and learn to select crucial performance metrics. Gain expertise in overseeing project quality. Equip yourself with the secrets to create impactful reports that drive success and facilitate informed decision-making for every project you manage. No
11 Professional skills Change Management for Project Managers 25 Min Empower your project management with effective change management strategies. Learn the intricacies of the change management process, from analysis to implementation. Acquire skills to assess change impact and navigate successful project adaptations. Equip yourself to lead projects with agility and drive transformative outcomes in dynamic environments. No
12 Professional skills Improving Your Project Management Skills 30 Min Elevate your project management proficiency with this course. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement, honing your skills for optimal project execution. Learn from essential insights on common mistakes to steer clear of in project management. Equip yourself with the expertise to lead and deliver successful projects consistently. No
13 Professional skills Business Writing Fundamentals 45 Min Master the art of impactful business writing. Uncover the potential of effective communication in the professional realm. Learn to tailor messages to specific audiences, and refine your writing style for maximum influence. Equip yourself with fundamental skills to excel in business communication and make a lasting impression. No
14 Professional skills Getting Started With Project Management 50 Min Dive into the world of project management with this essential course. Discover the fundamental principles of project management, grasp the pivotal role of a project manager, and acquire the skills to develop a comprehensive project plan. Gain the knowledge needed to effectively initiate and lead successful projects. No
15 Professional skills 5 Strategies for Managing Scope 40 Min Master the art of managing project scope with these five crucial strategies. Understand the principles of scope management, learn effective techniques for collecting project requirements, and gain expertise in defining and documenting scope. Equip yourself with essential skills to ensure project success through precise scope management. No
16 Professional skills Change Management Fundamentals 35 Min Delve into Change Management essentials. Gain insights into foundational concepts, explore various Change Management models, and learn to navigate common challenges. This course equips you with vital knowledge and skills to lead successful transitions and drive positive organizational change. No
17 Professional skills Change Management Models: Understanding the Basics 40 Min Uncover the core principles of Change Management and its models. Explore the fundamentals of Change Management, and gain a deep understanding of Change Management Models. This course provides essential knowledge to effectively navigate and lead organizational change with confidence and proficiency. No
18 Professional skills Creating and Delivering Business Presentations 45 Min Excel in the art of impactful business presentations. Learn to craft well-structured presentations, design compelling visual aids, and enhance your delivery skills. This course equips you with essential techniques to captivate and engage your audience, ensuring your business presentations leave a lasting impression. No
19 Professional skills A Guide to Workplace Professionalism 25 Min Elevate your professional presence in the workplace with this comprehensive guide. Explore the core principles and essential practices of workplace professionalism. Gain invaluable insights to navigate professional environments with confidence, integrity, and a heightened sense of responsibility, ensuring success and respect in your career. No
20 Professional skills The Remote Work Survival Guide 20 Min Navigate the world of remote work with confidence. Identify and overcome the unique challenges of working remotely. Learn to establish a productive home office and prioritize self-care for sustained well-being. This course equips you with essential strategies to thrive in the evolving landscape of remote work. No
21 Professional skills How to Have a Difficult Conversation 30 Min Develop crucial communication skills with this course on handling difficult conversations. Learn effective strategies to approach sensitive topics with confidence and empathy. Gain tools to navigate conflicts, build stronger relationships, and achieve positive outcomes in both personal and professional contexts. Master the art of constructive dialogue. No
22 Professional skills Overcoming Procrastination 35 Min Conquer procrastination with actionable strategies. Understand the roots and impact of procrastination. Learn effective techniques to break the cycle and boost productivity. Discover the true costs of procrastination and reclaim control over your time and goals. This course empowers you to achieve more with focused, timely action. No
23 Professional skills Receiving and Seeking Feedback 40 Min Achieve fluency in the art of giving and receiving feedback with this essential course. Cultivate a receptive mindset and explore best practices for accepting feedback. Learn the do’s and don’ts of effectively receiving input, enabling personal and professional growth. Elevate your communication skills and foster a culture of continuous improvement. No
24 Professional skills When to Ask Your Boss for Help 40 Min Learn the techniques of seeking assistance at the right time. Understand how to navigate expectations with your boss and when to take independent action. Gain essential insights into effective communication and decision-making, ensuring a balanced approach to problem-solving in the workplace. Elevate your professional capabilities with this course. No
25 Professional skills Developing a Growth Mindset 35 Min Unlock your potential with a Growth Mindset. Discover the numerous advantages it offers in personal and professional development. Learn practical techniques to cultivate and nurture this mindset, fostering resilience, adaptability, and a continuous pursuit of excellence. Elevate your outlook and achievements with this transformative course. No
26 Professional skills Giving Effective Feedback 45 Min Learn to provide constructive feedback effectively. Understand the invaluable role of feedback in personal and professional development. Gain techniques to confidently address feedback apprehension and navigate challenging reactions. Acquire vital skills to promote a culture of positive communication and ongoing enhancement. No
27 Professional skills Steven Johnson on Farsighted Decisions 40 Min Join Steven Johnson in honing your decision-making prowess. Explore the art of generating diverse options and employing scenario planning and premortems for informed choices. This course empowers you to make farsighted decisions, enhancing your strategic thinking and enabling more successful outcomes in various aspects of your life. No
28 Professional skills Master the Art of Verbal Communication 50 Min Refine your verbal communication skills with this comprehensive course. Learn the art of crafting impressive first impressions, discover effective conversation starters, and elevate your proficiency as a verbal communicator. Equip yourself with the tools to excel in personal and professional interactions, unlocking new opportunities for success. No
29 Professional skills Common Workplace Challenges and How to Handle Them 45 Min Navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with confidence. This course addresses prevalent challenges such as conflict resolution, time management, and stress. Gain practical strategies and insights to handle these issues effectively, fostering a positive, productive, and harmonious work environment. No
30 Professional skills How to Build Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers 55 Min Enhance workplace relationships with this insightful course. Learn the foundational principles for fostering strong connections with colleagues. Discover techniques to be a valuable and supportive teammate. Gain strategies to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and contribute positively to a harmonious work environment. Elevate your professional interactions today. No
31 Professional skills How to Improve Your Focus at Work 35 Min Enhance workplace focus with proven techniques. Understand the underlying challenges to concentration. Learn to nurture your body and mind for optimal performance. Master the art of crafting a productive work environment that supports sustained attention and productivity. Elevate your work performance with sharpened focus and efficiency. No
32 Professional skills How to Work Effectively With Different Communication Styles 20 Min Maximize communication effectiveness across diverse styles. Explore the nuances of communication styles, from direct to expressive. Learn to adapt and connect with colleagues using tailored approaches. This course equips you with the skills to foster better understanding, collaboration, and productivity in any professional setting. No
33 Professional skills Supercharging Your Career With the Help of a Mentor 30 Min Elevate your career through mentorship mastery. Learn the profound impact of mentoring, and gain insights on finding the perfect mentor. Discover the attitudes and habits that make you an effective mentee. This course empowers you to harness the power of mentorship for accelerated career growth and personal development. No
34 Professional skills Coming Back From a Big Workplace Mistake 20 Min Learn to rebound from significant workplace errors. Recognize the value of addressing mistakes head-on and acquire strategies for damage control. This course provides essential insights and practical techniques to navigate the aftermath of a substantial workplace blunder, fostering growth, resilience, and professional advancement. No
35 Professional skills Maria Konnikova on Poker, Decision-Making, and Human Psychology 40 Min Jump into the intersection of poker, decision-making, and psychology with Maria Konnikova. Explore the dynamics of process, outcome, and perceived control. Uncover the risks of relying on intuition. Examine the realities of luck. This course offers profound insights into human behavior and decision-making in high-stakes scenarios. No
36 Professional skills Take Control of Your Future: Career Development 101 60 Min Empower your professional journey with Career Development 101. Understand the essence of career development and master the art of crafting a personalized plan. Unlock strategies for skill-building, networking, and goal-setting to propel your career forward. Seize control of your future and forge a path to success. No
37 Professional skills A Step-by-Step Guide to Problem-Solving 55 Min Perfect problem-solving with this step-by-step guide. Learn the fundamentals of effective problem-solving, from analysis to resolution. Engage in dynamic brainstorming sessions to generate creative solutions. Acquire the skills to implement and evaluate the best course of action. Equip yourself with a powerful toolkit for overcoming challenges. No
38 Professional skills Do’s and Don’ts After Losing Your Job 20 Min Journey through post-job loss effectively with this course. Learn essential do’s and don’ts for a smooth transition. Discover proactive steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. Equip yourself with the knowledge and strategies to bounce back, regain confidence, and chart a successful new career path. No
39 Professional skills Problem-Solving Fundamentals 45 Min Explore the realm of proficient problem-solving through this in-depth course. Understand the core principles and dispel prevalent myths. Enhance your problem-solving abilities with practical methods and strategies. Acquire valuable tools to address challenges and make informed decisions, ensuring success in various situations. No
40 Professional skills The Art of Managing Up 30 Min Uncover the secrets of effective ‘Managing Up’ in this insightful course. Understand the nuances and benefits of this essential skill. Learn to align with your manager’s work style and preferences for seamless collaboration. Master proactive and impactful communication strategies to foster a productive and harmonious work dynamic. No
41 Professional skills The Complete Guide for New Professionals 40 Min Journey on your professional career with confidence and competence. This comprehensive guide offers essential insights for new professionals. Learn to cultivate meaningful connections with coworkers, excel as a valuable teammate, and build unwavering confidence in your workplace endeavors. Set a strong foundation for a successful career. No
42 Professional skills 6 Tips for Successful Peer-to-Peer Training 45 Min Heighten peer-to-peer training with six key strategies. Embrace a personalized approach for effective knowledge transfer. Learn to provide clear and impactful guidance. This course equips you with essential techniques to foster a collaborative learning environment, ensuring successful outcomes in peer-driven training initiatives. No
43 Professional skills Leading Through Change 25 Min Empower yourself as a change leader with this comprehensive course. Understand the core principles of leading through change and guiding teams effectively. Learn strategies to empower employees, enabling them to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments. Equip yourself with the skills to drive successful transformations in any organization. No
44 Professional skills Workplace Distractions: How to Avoid Common Time-Wasting Traps 50 Min Regain focus and productivity with this course on combating workplace distractions. Gain insight into the nature of distractions and reclaim control of your inbox. Learn effective strategies to optimize meeting time for greater efficiency. Equip yourself with essential skills to navigate common time-wasting traps and boost overall productivity. No
45 Professional skills Advanced Problem-Solving 45 Min Elevate your problem-solving acumen with this advanced course. Explore the dynamics of divergent and convergent thinking. Learn to reframe challenges for innovative solutions. Compare the principles of design thinking to traditional problem-solving methods. Equip yourself with high-level skills to tackle complex issues with creativity and precision. No
46 Professional skills A Guide to Empathy at Work 40 Min Master the art of empathy in the workplace with this comprehensive guide. Understand the essence of empathy and its crucial role in professional environments. Learn to overcome common barriers to empathy, fostering a culture of understanding, cooperation, and enhanced relationships for a more productive and harmonious work environment. No
47 Professional skills Communication Fundamentals 35 Min Find the essence of effective communication with this foundational course. Delve into the core principles and understand the common pitfalls leading to communication breakdowns. Gain essential skills to articulate ideas, convey messages, and ensure clarity in both personal and professional interactions. Elevate your communication proficiency today. No
48 Professional skills Guide to Negotiation and Persuasion 40 Min Hone your negotiation and persuasion expertise with this comprehensive guide. Differentiate between negotiation and persuasion strategies. Learn effective tactics to navigate various negotiation scenarios. Elevate your skills through practical techniques, ensuring successful outcomes in professional interactions. Master the art of influencing decisions and achieving mutually beneficial agreements. No
49 Professional skills Write Like a Boss 35 Min Elevate your writing prowess with ‘Write Like a Boss.’ Learn effective structuring techniques, refine your editing and proofreading skills, and tailor your content to target audiences. This course empowers you to craft compelling, impactful written work, setting you apart as a skilled and confident communicator. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Basics: Foundations 50 Min This course, “Diversity Basics: Foundations,” aims to build a foundational understanding of diversity’s objectives, emphasizing emotional intelligence. It delves into systems of oppression, with a focus on strategies for dismantling these systems to promote inclusivity. Yes
2 Diversity and Inclusion Diversity Basics: Taking Action 60 Min Diversity Basics: Taking Action is a course that serves as a starting point for promoting diversity and inclusion. It encourages participants to reevaluate social norms, adopt a critical perspective, challenge systemic supremacy, and engage in the process of deconstruction and reconstruction to create more equitable and inclusive environments. Yes
3 Diversity and Inclusion How to Be an Ally for Diversity and Inclusion 20 Min This course explores the concept of being an ally for diversity and inclusion. Participants will learn what it means to be an ally, the various roles allies can play, and gain a deeper understanding of how to support and promote diversity and inclusion in various settings. Yes
4 Diversity and Inclusion How to Avoid Bias in Talent Recruiting and Retention 40 Min This course addresses the issue of unconscious bias in talent recruitment and retention. It explores the manifestations of bias in both processes, offering practical tips to identify and mitigate these biases, ultimately fostering fair and inclusive recruiting and improving talent retention strategies. No
5 Diversity and Inclusion Cultivating Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging at Work 30 Min This course introduces the pivotal concepts of diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. It delves into strategies for attracting and hiring diverse talent, retaining that talent, fostering a sense of belonging, becoming an ally for diversity and inclusion, and quantifying and measuring progress toward inclusive and equitable work environments. No
6 Diversity and Inclusion Power and Pride: The Origins of Pride Month 40 Min Explore the roots of Pride Month in this compelling course. Journey through centuries of LGBTQ+ oppression, a decade of social unrest, and the pivotal Stonewall Inn events that ignited a global movement. Gain insights into over 50 years of Pride celebrations, marking progress and resilience in the LGBTQ+ community. No
7 Diversity and Inclusion Black History Month 120 Min Delve into the rich tapestry of Black History Month. This course offers a concise history, highlighting key moments from Emancipation and the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Celebrate Black excellence and the ongoing journey for equality and justice. No
8 Diversity and Inclusion Beyond Pride: Year-Round Action 50 Min This course transcends Pride Month, focusing on year-round activism. Explore strategies for organizations and individuals to champion LGBTQ+ rights, foster inclusivity, and combat discrimination. Discover sustainable ways to make a lasting impact and ensure that the spirit of Pride endures throughout the entire year. No
9 Diversity and Inclusion How to Recognize and Overcome Bias—Featuring Bestselling Author Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt 40 Min Join this enlightening course featuring bestselling author Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt. Delve into the intricacies of unconscious bias, understanding its profound consequences, and gaining practical insights on overcoming bias. Equip yourself with the tools to foster inclusivity, diversity, and equity in personal and professional spheres. No
10 Diversity and Inclusion Creating Social Change: A Guide for Everyday Citizens 90 Min Empower yourself to drive societal change with this guide. Learn the impact of individual actions and discover strategies for organizing and leading effective campaigns. This course equips everyday citizens with the knowledge and tools to be catalysts for positive social change in their communities and beyond. No
11 Diversity and Inclusion Working Across Cultures 60 Min Enhance your cross-cultural competence with this course. Explore effective communication, leadership, persuasion, trust-building, handling disagreements, and scheduling while working across diverse cultures. Gain valuable insights to navigate the intricacies of international collaborations and foster productive, harmonious relationships in a globalized world. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Sales and Marketing The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide 40 Min The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide is a comprehensive resource that covers the entire prospecting process. It explores various prospecting techniques, teaches how to analyze competitors, and emphasizes strategies like social selling and effective sales calls to boost sales and revenue. Yes
2 Sales and Marketing Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales 45 Min This comprehensive course on closing deals explores the negotiation process, from initial stages to finalizing sales. Participants will master essential techniques, learn to counter common negotiation tactics, and ultimately close deals successfully. Yes
3 Sales and Marketing How to Handle Objections: Getting Customers to Say, “Yes!” 120 Min This course teaches effective objection-handling by dispelling misconceptions and offering strategies to address common objections such as price, authority, trust, and competition. It equips participants to guide customers toward a positive “yes” response. Yes
4 Sales and Marketing Why People Buy: Boost Sales by Understanding Customers’ Needs 30 Min Explore the art of understanding buyer needs in this course. Discover techniques for uncovering these needs, sharpen your listening skills, and delve into the psychological motivations that drive purchasing decisions. Enhance your sales acumen by connecting with customers on a deeper level and boosting your sales success. No
5 Sales and Marketing Psychology Tips That Unlock Sales 40 Min Uncover the psychology behind successful sales in this course. Gain insights into the reasons people make buying decisions, tailor your approach to different personality types, handle rejection gracefully, excel in sales as an introvert, harness the power of body language, and effectively manage the unique stresses of the sales profession. No
6 Sales and Marketing Expert Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections 30 Min In this course, master the art of conquering sales objections. Begin with an introduction to the topic. Learn to identify and skillfully overcome objections, explore effective techniques for handling objections, and understand common mistakes to avoid in the sales process, ultimately enhancing your sales success. No
7 Sales and Marketing Sales Fundamentals 35 Min Master the art of sales with this foundational course. Gain insights into sales principles and techniques. Develop essential communication skills to effectively engage customers. Explore the stages of the sales pipeline for strategic planning. This course equips you with the fundamentals to excel in the dynamic world of sales. No
8 Sales and Marketing Building Relationships in Sales 40 Min Elevate your sales prowess through relationship-building mastery. Learn to discern and address potential buyers’ needs effectively. Develop emotional intelligence for more impactful sales interactions. Gain insights into leveraging decision-makers, influencers, and gatekeepers for successful sales outcomes. This course empowers you to forge meaningful connections and drive sales success. No
9 Sales and Marketing Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations 35 Min Unlock the art of winning sales presentations with these invaluable secrets. Learn to craft compelling proposals tailored to your audience. Develop a persuasive sales narrative that captivates and convinces. Discover the influential role of storytelling in driving successful sales outcomes. Elevate your presentation skills for sales success. No
10 Sales and Marketing Build the Ultimate Sales Presentation Slide Deck 30 Min Craft a winning sales presentation with the ultimate slide deck guide. Learn the essentials of slide deck creation and its impact. Discover content strategies that drive conversions. Master design tips to create visually engaging and compelling presentations. This course empowers you to deliver impactful sales pitches for success. No
11 Sales and Marketing An Introduction to Sales Enablement 20 Min Delve into the essential realm of sales enablement with this comprehensive introduction. Understand the core principles and significance of sales enablement. Learn best practices for empowering your sales team with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to drive success. Elevate your sales enablement capabilities with this foundational course. No
12 Sales and Marketing Managing a Sales Team 45 Min Master the art of sales team management with this comprehensive course. Discover best practices tailored for sales managers, equipping you with essential leadership skills. Navigate the unique challenges faced by new sales managers. Explore common sales methodologies to drive team success. Elevate your sales management capabilities today. No
13 Sales and Marketing A Guide to Brand Identity and Strategy 30 Min Unlock the power of brand identity and strategy with this comprehensive guide. Understand the essence and significance of branding. Learn to craft a compelling brand narrative that resonates. Dive into the essentials of visual brand design. This course empowers you to build a strong and impactful brand presence. No
14 Sales and Marketing Customer and Market Research 55 Min Elevate your business strategy through effective customer and market research. Grasp the pivotal role of customer insights in shaping success. Define and refine your target market for precise targeting. Map your customer’s journey to enhance engagement and satisfaction. This course equips you with essential skills for informed decision-making and business growth. No
15 Sales and Marketing Your Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide 60 Min Maximize your marketing impact with this comprehensive email marketing guide. Learn to craft and execute effective email campaigns that resonate. Dive into audience segmentation for personalized engagement. Master the art of writing compelling marketing emails that drive results. Elevate your email marketing proficiency with this invaluable course. No
16 Sales and Marketing Marketing Fundamentals: Your Getting Started Guide 75 Min Embark on your marketing journey with this foundational guide. Explore the essence of marketability and goal-setting. Differentiate between traditional and digital marketing approaches. This course equips you with essential fundamentals to kickstart your marketing endeavors and establish a strong foundation for successful promotional strategies. No
17 Sales and Marketing Optimizing Your Images for SEO 35 Min Unlock the power of image optimization for SEO with this essential guide. Learn the principles and benefits of image optimization. Master the art of crafting SEO-friendly alt text for enhanced visibility and search engine rankings. This course empowers you to elevate your content strategy through effective image optimization techniques. No
18 Sales and Marketing Product Marketing Fundamentals 50 Min Dive into product marketing essentials with this comprehensive course. Understand the significance of product marketing in the business landscape. Explore the key functions it serves in driving success. Learn crucial strategies for finding the right product-market fit. Elevate your product marketing proficiency with this foundational guide. No
19 Sales and Marketing A Quick Guide to Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy 25 Min Master the art of developing a go-to-market strategy with this concise guide. Understand the essence and importance of this strategic approach. Explore the key components that form a robust go-to-market strategy. This course empowers you with essential skills for effective market entry and business growth. No
20 Sales and Marketing How to Develop Winning Product Pages and Descriptions 35 Min Elevate your e-commerce game with this comprehensive guide to creating winning product pages and descriptions. Discover essential tips for optimizing product page performance. Uncover the pivotal role of compelling product descriptions in driving conversions. Learn the art of crafting persuasive and effective product narratives. Maximize your online sales potential. No
21 Sales and Marketing Website Marketing 30 Min Transform your website into a potent marketing tool with this comprehensive course. Learn to leverage your website for effective marketing strategies. Master the art of designing high-converting landing pages. Explore the essential characteristics of impactful website design. Elevate your online presence and drive success with expert website marketing techniques. No
22 Sales and Marketing A Guide to Content Marketing: Developing Your Strategy and Crafting Compelling Content 40 Min Unleash the power of content marketing with this comprehensive guide. Learn to develop a robust content strategy tailored to your goals. Explore diverse distribution channels for maximum reach. Gain expert tips for crafting compelling, audience-engaging content. Elevate your content marketing game and drive impactful results with this essential course. No
23 Sales and Marketing Getting Started With Marketing Analytics 40 Min Embark on your marketing analytics journey with this comprehensive guide. Learn to select and leverage key performance indicators crucial for effective marketing strategies. Measure and assess the impact of your marketing campaigns. Discover the art of storytelling to convey data effectively. Elevate your marketing decisions with data-driven insights. No
24 Sales and Marketing Paid Advertising 35 Min Master the art of paid advertising with this comprehensive course. Understand the essence and significance of paid advertising in the digital landscape. Dive into the fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for optimal reach and visibility. Learn to re-engage your audience effectively through remarketing strategies. Elevate your advertising proficiency today. No
25 Sales and Marketing Social Media Marketing 101 35 Min Unlock the potential of social media marketing with this foundational course. Explore the fundamentals of effective social media marketing strategies. Learn best practices tailored for each major platform. Discover essential techniques for crafting a compelling social media strategy. Elevate your digital presence and engagement with this comprehensive guide. No
26 Sales and Marketing Social Media Marketing 201 30 Min Elevate your social media marketing prowess with this advanced course. Dive into the art of social listening for valuable insights. Master the technique of content buckets for seamless planning and organization. Gain expert tips for boosting engagement on social media platforms. Take your digital presence to new heights. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Leadership A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Team Conflict 120 Min This course equips managers with essential conflict resolution skills. It covers understanding conflict dynamics, assessing various conflict-handling approaches (avoid, appease, compete, bargain, collaborate), and provides strategies for effectively responding to upset employees. Yes
2 Leadership Performance Management 50 Min This course delves into the realm of performance management. Gain insights into conducting impactful performance reviews, improving underperformance with practical tips, creating performance improvement plans, managing high-performing individuals, and effectively overseeing managers. Elevate your ability to optimize individual and team performance within your organization. No
3 Leadership A Guide to Managing Remote Teams 30 Min Navigate the dynamics of remote team management with this guide. Learn strategies for recruiting top remote talent, enhancing accountability in remote teams, optimizing communication with dispersed teams, and fostering connectivity to ensure a productive and well-connected virtual work environment. No
4 Leadership 5 Leadership Styles to Influence a Team 90 Min This course explores five distinct leadership styles, including laissez-faire, autocratic, democratic, transactional, and transformational leadership. Participants will gain insights into these approaches and how they can effectively influence and lead their teams based on various leadership contexts and goals. Yes
5 Leadership Leading With Emotional Intelligence 90 Min Leading With Emotional Intelligence focuses on honing essential leadership skills. It emphasizes enhancing self-awareness, self-regulation, self-motivation, and social skills, enabling leaders to foster strong relationships, make informed decisions, and inspire their teams to excel. Yes
6 Leadership A Blueprint for Effective Workplace Leadership 30 Min Unlock the essentials of effective workplace leadership in this blueprint course. Explore the qualities that define exceptional leaders, discover techniques for engaging and motivating employees, master the art of leading with vision, and dive into the five key practices to elevate your leadership skills and inspire your team. No
7 Leadership Create an Enviable Team Culture 40 Min This course delves into the realm of team culture. Explore various types of team cultures, learn how to assess your team’s current culture, discover strategies for transforming a negative culture into a positive one, and develop the skills to create a strengths-based culture that fosters collaboration and productivity. No
8 Leadership The Four Stages of Team Development 30 Min Uncover the dynamics of team development through this course, which focuses on the four essential stages that teams go through. Learn to identify and understand these stages, from forming and storming to norming and performing, to guide your team towards achieving peak effectiveness and cohesion. No
9 Leadership Resolving Conflict 40 Min This comprehensive course explores workplace conflict resolution. It examines common conflict triggers, the diverse ways individuals handle conflicts, and provides step-by-step guidance on mediating employee disputes. Learn effective strategies for managing frustrated or angry team members and addressing abusive behavior, along with valuable conflict resolution techniques and tips. No
10 Leadership Communicating Change 40 Min Navigate the complex terrain of organizational change with this course. Explore strategies for planning and implementing an effective change strategy. Learn how to communicate change transparently and engage stakeholders, fostering a smoother transition and a positive organizational culture amid transformative shifts. No
11 Leadership Bo Seo on What Debate Teaches Us About Listening to Each Other 90 Min Discover the transformative power of debate with Bo Seo. Explore the five essential elements of effective debate and learn how to apply these principles to enhance active listening and constructive dialogue. This course offers valuable insights for promoting empathy, understanding, and collaboration in our interactions with others. No
12 Leadership Change Management Models: Advanced Application 60 Min This course delves deep into the world of change management by exploring five advanced change management models. Learn to apply these models effectively to navigate complex organizational transformations, enhance adaptability, and drive successful change initiatives in your workplace. No
13 Leadership Elena Botelho on the Secrets to Career Success 90 Min Join Elena Botelho to uncover the secrets of career success. Explore the four key behaviors that define high-performing leaders and discover strategies for building a successful career and effective teams. Gain insights into the traits that drive professional excellence and leadership in today’s dynamic business landscape. No
14 Leadership Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers 40 Min Transition into management seamlessly with this comprehensive guide. Understand the pivotal role of a manager. Learn essential first steps to excel in your new position. Discover strategies to thrive and lead effectively. This course equips you with the knowledge and skills for a successful managerial journey. No
15 Leadership Develop a Thriving Team 25 Min Empower your team to thrive under your leadership. Understand your role in their career development. Select the most effective training methods. Cultivate your team’s potential through personalized coaching. This course equips you with strategies to foster growth, collaboration, and success within your dynamic and thriving team. No
16 Leadership Motivating Your Team 25 Min Ignite motivation within your team with this insightful course. Explore the fundamentals of motivation and the key influencing factors. Learn strategies to enhance job satisfaction for heightened motivation and performance. Equip yourself with the skills to inspire and lead a motivated, engaged, and high-achieving team. No
17 Leadership Transitioning to Remote Work 75 Min Smoothly transition into remote work with this essential course. Understand the process and anticipate changes. Learn to select and utilize the appropriate digital tools for seamless collaboration. Implement crucial security measures to safeguard sensitive information. Equip yourself with the skills for a successful and secure remote work experience. No
18 Leadership How Great Leaders Solve Problems 35 Min Elevate your leadership with problem-solving mastery. Understand your pivotal role in resolving challenges. Learn to prevent and detect issues before they escalate. Dive into the systematic problem-solving process. This course equips you with essential skills to lead effectively by navigating and surmounting obstacles with confidence and expertise. No
19 Leadership How to Be an Ethical Leader 40 Min Embrace ethical leadership with this comprehensive guide. Grasp the significance of ethical leadership and its impact. Learn to navigate complex decisions with integrity and fairness. Cultivate a culture of ethics, developing employees with strong moral compasses. This course empowers you to lead with honor, trust, and accountability. No
20 Leadership Leading Through Difficult Times 40 Min Navigate challenging times with effective leadership. Understand the principles of crisis management. Learn strategies to prevent and prepare for crises. Explore the profound impact of crises on business operations. Equip yourself with the skills to lead and guide your team through difficult situations, ensuring resilience and success. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Information Technology Search Engine Optimization 50 Min Search Engine Optimization (SEO) demystified. Learn the art of keyword research to boost website visibility. Uncover the critical factors affecting search rankings. Master technical optimization for top search engine performance. Elevate your online presence and drive organic traffic with this essential SEO guide. No
2 Information Technology How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks 40 Min This course provides vital insights and strategies to protect against phishing attacks. It covers safeguarding against email compromise, preventing phone-based scams, and implementing measures to protect your devices and data from malware threats, ensuring a more secure online experience. No
3 Information Technology Online Security Fundamentals 50 Min This covers key aspects of cybersecurity, emphasizing secure internet browsing, precautions for public Wi-Fi, and safe practices on social media platforms, ensuring individuals protect their digital presence and data from potential threats. No
4 Information Technology How to Protect Your Data 40 Min This course provides a fundamental guide on safeguarding your data. Start with an introduction to data protection’s importance. Explore practical security tips and best practices, and conclude with a solid foundation for securing your sensitive information in the digital age. No
5 Information Technology What Is Social Engineering? 30 Min Discover the ins and outs of social engineering in this course. Understand its mechanisms, explore various attack types, and gain essential knowledge on identifying and thwarting these deceptive tactics, equipping you to defend against social engineering threats effectively. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Human Resources Getting Started in Human Resources 60 Min This course provides a foundational understanding of HR’s role in organizations, covering recruitment processes, resume evaluation, employee onboarding, training, legal considerations, and disciplinary actions. This course equips beginners with essential HR knowledge and skills for effective workforce management. Yes
2 Human Resources How to Attract and Retain Top Talent 30 Min This course explores the critical aspects of attracting and retaining top talent in the competitive job market. Participants will understand the significance of talent management, learn effective talent sourcing strategies, and discover techniques to minimize employee turnover, creating a skilled and loyal workforce. Yes
3 Human Resources A Guide to Workplace Integrity 40 Min This guide explores workplace integrity, providing examples of ethical behavior, discussing the benefits of integrity such as trust and a positive work environment, and addressing the challenges of maintaining integrity in various professional situations. Yes
4 Human Resources Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Managers 60 Min This course focuses on preventing sexual harassment and fostering a respectful workplace. It educates both employees and managers on recognizing harassment and discrimination, offers guidance on prevention and proper responses to such incidents, and includes supplementary supervisor training to ensure a safe and inclusive work environment. No
5 Human Resources Doing the Right Thing: A Guide to Good Business Ethics 50 Min This course is a comprehensive guide to business ethics, covering its foundational principles and addressing prevalent ethical dilemmas. Gain a solid understanding of ethical fundamentals and explore real-world scenarios involving common ethical challenges in business, empowering you to make morally sound decisions in professional settings. No
6 Human Resources Doing the Right Thing: A Guide to Good Business Ethics 60 Min This course delves into the core of ethical business practices. Explore the fundamentals of business ethics and confront common ethical dilemmas. Learn to make principled decisions that align with moral values, fostering a culture of integrity, responsibility, and social responsibility within your organization. No
7 Human Resources 7 Types of Interviews and When to Use Them 60 Min Uncover the art of effective interviewing with this course. Delve into seven distinct interview types and discover when each is most appropriate. Gain valuable insights into tailoring your interviewing approach to specific scenarios, whether it’s job interviews, research, journalism, or other contexts, optimizing your communication and information gathering. No
8 Human Resources How to Conduct an Effective Job Interview 60 Min Master the art of conducting successful job interviews. Learn strategies for structuring interviews, asking the right questions, and assessing candidates effectively. Explore essential techniques to avoid discrimination and bias, ensuring a fair and productive hiring process that identifies the best candidates for your organization. No
9 Human Resources Dealing With a Problem at Work? When and How to Involve HR 40 Min This course demystifies the role of Human Resources (HR) in addressing workplace issues. Gain a comprehensive understanding of when and how to involve HR when dealing with workplace problems. Learn how HR can provide guidance and support in resolving issues effectively, maintaining a healthy work environment. No
10 Human Resources Driving Your Career 60 Min Empower your career journey with this course. Develop self-awareness, explore growth directions, set meaningful goals, and create a strategic action plan. This comprehensive guide equips you to drive your career forward, enhancing personal and professional development and realizing your ambitions with purpose and direction. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Personal Development Susan Rogers and Ogi Ogas on This Is What It Sounds Like 45 Min Embark on a sonic journey with Susan Rogers and Ogi Ogas. Explore the intricacies of listener profiles and the swift judgments that shape musical taste. Discover the profound interplay between melody and speech. This course offers a fascinating exploration of the science behind our unique musical preferences. No
2 Personal Development Chip Heath on Making Numbers Count 40 Min Unlock the power of numbers with Chip Heath. Learn to speak the universal language of data. Map numbers onto familiar dimensions for clearer understanding. Transform abstract figures into tangible insights. This course empowers you to harness the true impact of numerical information for effective decision-making and communication. No
3 Personal Development Paul Bloom on Finding Meaning and Pleasure Through Suffering 50 Min Join Paul Bloom in exploring the profound dynamics of meaning and pleasure within suffering. Delve into the transformative power of contrast. Discover the cathartic joy of escape. Uncover the unexpected benefits that arise from life’s struggles. This course offers valuable insights into finding depth and fulfillment through adversity. No
4 Personal Development Time to Find a New Job? Here’s How 45 Min Navigate your job transition effectively with this comprehensive guide. Assess if it’s time for a new career move. Learn the strategies for job hunting and exploring opportunities. Master the art of interview preparation and excel in the job search process. Empower yourself for a successful career transition. No
5 Personal Development Bradley Staats on How to Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive 40 Min Embark on a journey of relevance and reinvention with Bradley Staats. Embrace the lessons of failure and cultivate a growth mindset. Shift focus towards process-driven excellence rather than fixating on outcomes. Learn to recharge and reflect for sustained personal and professional growth. This course empowers you to thrive in dynamic environments. No
6 Personal Development Katy Milkman on How to Change for the Better 35 Min Join Katy Milkman on a transformative journey to change for the better. Embrace commitment as a powerful catalyst for positive transformation. Learn to navigate change by following the path of least resistance. Discover the resilience and adaptability of strong habits. This course empowers you to create lasting, impactful change. No
7 Personal Development Rutger Bregman Offers a Hopeful History of Humankind 45 Min Embark on a hopeful exploration of human history with Rutger Bregman. Uncover the evolutionary roots of human friendliness. Challenge the notion of inherent violence in our nature. Discover the untapped potential for mutual aid and cooperation within our species. This course offers a positive perspective on humanity’s past and future. No
8 Personal Development Amanda Ripley on Why We Get Trapped in Conflict and How We Get Out 40 Min Navigate the complexities of conflict with Amanda Ripley. Examine the conflict trap and its psychological intricacies. Explore the powerful impact of humiliation as a catalyst for conflict. Unravel the dynamics of the conflict industrial complex. This course equips you with insights to deftly navigate and resolve conflicts. No
9 Personal Development Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett With Seven and a Half Lesson About the Brain 55 Min Embark on an enlightening journey through the brain with Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett. Uncover the intricate network that powers your cognition. Explore the profound influence of language on brain function. Discover the predictive capabilities that shape your perception of the world. This course offers invaluable insights into the wonders of the brain. No
10 Personal Development Setting Goals That Actually Work 25 Min Master the art of effective goal setting with this comprehensive guide. Understand the significance of goal setting in personal and professional development. Learn to set SMART goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Gain strategies for measuring and tracking your progress towards achieving your goals. Elevate your goal-setting proficiency. No
11 Personal Development How to Get Noticed at Work 35 Min Learn the strategies to stand out in the workplace with this comprehensive course. Understand the importance of visibility in career advancement. Address the challenges of limited exposure and communication. Develop effective self-advocacy skills to ensure your contributions are recognized. Elevate your professional presence and impact at work. No
12 Personal Development 4 Ways to Add Value and Earn a Raise at Work 25 Min Unlock the keys to enhancing your value and earning a raise in the workplace. Explore the vital link between contribution and compensation. Foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Learn strategies to amplify your visibility and impact. This course empowers you to elevate your professional worth and financial rewards. No
13 Personal Development 5 Career Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them 30 Min Navigate common career obstacles and triumph over them with this insightful course. Conquer the fear of failure that hinders progress. Learn strategies to increase your visibility and influence in the workplace. Overcome the challenges that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. No
14 Personal Development Feeling Unmotivated at Work? Common Causes and Tips to Increase Motivation 35 Min Revitalize your motivation at work with this enlightening course. Understand the pivotal role of motivation in achieving professional success. Confront and conquer the fear of failure that hinders progress. Gain invaluable tips and strategies to reignite your passion and drive for excellence in the workplace. No
15 Personal Development James Suzman on What Hunter-Gatherer Societies Teach Us About Work, Time, and Well-Being 45 Min Embark on a profound exploration of work, time, and well-being with James Suzman. Discover the wisdom of hunter-gatherer societies and their unique perspectives. Learn how skill acquisition shapes our existence. Challenge the notion that everything is a competition. Explore the profound relationship between our identity and the work we engage in. No
16 Personal Development Janelle Shane on the Realities of Artificial Intelligence 40 Min Delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence with Janelle Shane. Unravel the essence and implications of AI. Gain a clear understanding of what AI truly encompasses. This course provides a foundational insight into the realities of Artificial Intelligence that you may or may not have realized. No
17 Personal Development 4 Personality Types That Suffer From Chronic Lateness 40 Min Explore the impact of chronic lateness on different personality types. Delve into the consequences of habitual tardiness. Identify and understand the four distinct personality profiles prone to struggling with punctuality. This course offers valuable tailored and strategies for overcoming the challenges of chronic lateness. No
18 Personal Development Scheduling 101: How to Prioritize Tasks and Avoid Procrastination 45 Min Master the art of effective scheduling and conquer procrastination. Understand the pivotal role of structured planning in time management. Gain valuable tips and strategies for creating an efficient schedule. Learn to prioritize tasks based on their urgency and significance. Elevate your productivity and achieve your goals with confidence. No
19 Personal Development Time Management Essentials 40 Min Unlock the secrets to effective time management with this essential course. Grasp the core principles of optimizing your time. Identify and address common signs of poor time management. Learn to critically evaluate and allocate your precious resources. Take control of your schedule and achieve greater productivity and fulfillment. No
20 Personal Development How to Land Your Dream Job 35 Min Equip yourself for success in landing your dream job with this comprehensive course. Master the art of job interview preparation, gaining invaluable tips and techniques. Learn effective strategies for responding to common interview questions. This course empowers you to present your best self and secure your desired position. No
21 Personal Development How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure 35 Min Conquer the paralyzing fear of failure and unlock your true potential with this empowering course. Learn to take bold action in spite of your apprehensions. Transform your perspective on failure, turning it into a stepping stone for growth. Gain practical tips and strategies to overcome the fear of failure and thrive. No
22 Personal Development Assessing Your Strengths, Interests, and Values 40 Min Discover your path to fulfillment and success by assessing your strengths, interests, and values. Uncover the advantages of harnessing your unique strengths. Learn effective techniques to identify and leverage your innate capabilities. Align your career with your genuine interests for a more gratifying and purposeful professional journey. No
23 Personal Development Wendy Wood on Good Habits, Bad Habits 90 Min Embark on a journey of understanding habits with Wendy Wood. Explore the pivotal role of context in shaping behavior. Gain insights into the science of repetition and its impact on habit formation. This course offers valuable knowledge for cultivating positive habits and breaking free from detrimental ones. No
24 Personal Development Daniel Pink on the Science of Perfect Timing 45 Min Delve into the science of perfect timing with Daniel Pink. Explore the profound influence of daily rhythms on performance. Understand the significance of well-timed beginnings. Gain insights into leveraging timing for optimal outcomes in various aspects of life. This course unlocks the secrets to mastering the art of timing. No
25 Personal Development David Epstein on Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World 80 Min Join David Epstein in an enlightening exploration of the power of generalism in a specialized world. Learn why adaptability is crucial in today’s dynamic landscape. Discover the surprising truth about quitting and winning. Cultivate cognitive flexibility for success in an ever-evolving environment. This course reshapes the narrative of achievement. No
26 Personal Development Unsolved Mystery: The Case of Amelia Earhart 80 Min Embark on an intriguing journey into the enigmatic life of Amelia Earhart. Uncover the remarkable story of this pioneering aviator. Explore the mysteries surrounding her disappearance and the enduring legacy she left behind. This course illuminates the extraordinary achievements that inspire and you personally and professionally. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Compliance How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest 60 Min Learn essential strategies to navigate conflicts of interest ethically. This course covers identifying, evaluating, and addressing potential conflicts. Gain insights on making sound decisions and upholding integrity in personal and professional spheres. Equip yourself with the skills to do the right thing in any situation. No
2 Compliance Construction Safety 101 50 Min Master the fundamentals of construction safety with this comprehensive course. Learn the importance of wearing proper safety equipment, preventing slips and trips, and eliminating fire hazards on construction sites. Equip yourself with essential skills to ensure a secure and accident-free work environment in the construction industry. No
3 Compliance Are You Prepared to Weather the Storm? 55 Min Discover the essentials of hurricane preparedness in this insightful course. Learn about hurricanes, assess your readiness, and develop a comprehensive survival plan. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and endure the challenges of severe storms. Be ready to weather any hurricane with confidence. No
4 Compliance Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 60 Min Empower yourself with knowledge to combat sexual harassment. This course covers understanding sexual harassment, identifying prohibited behaviors, and recognizing consequences. Learn actionable steps to take if you’re a victim. Equip yourself with the tools to create a safe and respectful work environment for all. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Health and Wellness 5-Day Challenge to Improve Your Mental Health 45 Min Embark on a transformative 5-day journey to enhance mental well-being. Each day focuses on practical techniques: grounding in the present, nurturing the body-mind connection, and achieving harmony. Join us to cultivate resilience, find balance, and foster a healthier, happier outlook on life. No
2 Health and Wellness COVID-19: The Fight Continues 50 Min Stay informed and vigilant in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. This course provides a concise history of the pandemic, details on transmission, and crucial prevention measures. Equip yourself with the knowledge to protect yourself and others as we continue the fight against this global health challenge. No
3 Health and Wellness Retirement Planning for Every Stage of Life 40 Min Navigate the path to a secure retirement with this comprehensive course. Explore various retirement plans. Learn to tailor your strategy to different life stages, ensuring financial well-being in retirement. Master age-specific milestones for effective and personalized retirement planning, securing your future with confidence. No
4 Health and Wellness Answering Common COVID-19 Vaccine Questions 90 Min Gain clarity on COVID-19 vaccines with expert insights. Understand vaccine mechanics, composition, and debunk common misconceptions. Learn about prevalent side effects and address skepticism with evidence-based information. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about vaccination and contribute to public health. No
5 Health and Wellness Coping With Stress and Uncertainty During COVID-19 75 Min Navigate the challenges of COVID-19 with resilience and positivity. This course provides essential coping strategies for crisis situations. Learn to reframe your perspective, cultivate mental resilience, and incorporate movement for holistic well-being. Equip yourself with tools to thrive amidst stress and uncertainty. No
6 Health and Wellness COVID-19: What You Need to Know 80 Min Stay informed and protected with crucial COVID-19 knowledge. Understand the virus, its transmission, and recognize symptoms. Learn about diagnosis and treatment options. Equip yourself with essential information to make informed decisions and contribute to the collective effort in combating the pandemic. No
7 Health and Wellness How to Create an Employee Wellness Program: A Step-by-Step Guide 30 Min Elevate workplace well-being with a comprehensive guide to crafting an effective employee wellness program. Learn to build a compelling business case for health initiatives. Increase program visibility and engagement through strategic awareness campaigns. Equip yourself with practical steps to foster a thriving, healthy work environment. No
8 Health and Wellness Dealing With Stress, Pressure, and Burnout 40 Min Master the art of managing stress, pressure, and avoiding burnout. Explore the dynamic between pressure and performance, and identify signs of burnout. Learn actionable strategies to excel under pressure, enhancing productivity and well-being. Equip yourself with vital skills for maintaining balance and thriving in high-demand environments. No
9 Health and Wellness Impostor Syndrome: What It Is and How to Overcome It 35 Min Conquer Impostor Syndrome with understanding and empowerment. Uncover the roots and manifestations of this common phenomenon. Through insightful knowledge checks, gain tools to combat self-doubt and cultivate confidence. This course empowers you to recognize your true worth and excel with authenticity in personal and professional pursuits. No
10 Health and Wellness Harnessing Emotions in the Workplace With Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy 45 Min Join experts Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy in revolutionizing workplace dynamics. Learn to foster inclusivity and belonging, promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation. Discover the power of selective vulnerability and the impact of small gestures. Harness emotions for a more connected, productive, and fulfilling professional environment. No
11 Health and Wellness Coping With Workplace Change 35 Min Navigate workplace transitions with confidence. Understand the psychology behind change resistance and common reactions. Equip yourself with essential coping strategies to embrace and thrive amidst workplace transformations. This course empowers you to adapt, grow, and lead effectively in dynamic professional environments. No
12 Health and Wellness Beating Burnout: Spot the Symptoms and Take Action 40 Min Combat burnout with knowledge and proactive steps. Recognize the signs and causes of burnout, and understand its impact on well-being. Engage with knowledge checks to solidify understanding. Equip yourself with actionable strategies to reclaim balance, resilience, and fulfillment in both personal and professional realms. No
13 Health and Wellness 7 Go-to Strategies to Tame Stress 45 Min Master stress management with seven effective strategies. Explore the therapeutic power of journaling, cultivate an internal locus of control, and harness the benefits of exercise for stress relief. Equip yourself with practical tools to navigate challenges and foster well-being in both work and personal life. No
14 Health and Wellness Good Stress? Embracing Eustress to Improve Your Life 30 Min Discover the positive side of stress with eustress empowerment. Learn to amplify beneficial stress while reducing negative impacts. Engage with knowledge checks to reinforce learning. Equip yourself with the skills to harness eustress for personal growth, productivity, and a more fulfilling life. No
15 Health and Wellness The Basics of Managing Stress 35 Min Master stress management essentials. Explore stress fundamentals, learn about your body’s stress response, and pinpoint triggers. Acquire practical strategies for effective stress identification and mitigation. This course equips you with foundational skills to proactively manage stress and foster well-being in various aspects of your life. No
16 Health and Wellness Daniel Levitin on Reenvisioning the Aging Process 50 Min Join Daniel Levitin on a transformative journey in redefining aging. Explore the nexus of personality and aging, uncover strategies to enhance memory, and harness the incredible potential of neuroplasticity. This course empowers you to approach aging with vitality, resilience, and a renewed sense of possibility. No
S.No Category Course Title Duration Description Demo Available
1 Next Big Idea Club Shellye Archambeau on Being Unapologetically Ambitious 65 Min Overcome challenges and seize opportunities with this dynamic course. Combat Impostor Syndrome and gain confidence. Learn to anticipate and prepare for pivotal moments in your career. Cultivate a powerful network for success. Equip yourself with strategies to navigate professional hurdles and elevate your trajectory towards achievement. No
2 Next Big Idea Club Eric Barker on Playing Well With Others 50 Min Join Eric Barker in mastering interpersonal skills. Learn the art of reading and understanding people. Gain insights into sizing up situations for effective interactions. Enhance communication with partners through constructive argumentation. This course empowers you to foster harmonious relationships and thrive in both personal and professional spheres. No
3 Next Big Idea Club Elena Botelho on the Secrets to Career Success 45 Min Unlock the secrets to career triumph with Elena Botelho. Debunk CEO myths, learn the power of decisiveness, and embody unwavering reliability. This course empowers you to cultivate the mindset and habits that propel professionals towards unparalleled success in their careers, offering insights from a seasoned expert. No
4 Next Big Idea Club Daniel Pink on the Benefits of Regret 50 Min Explore the transformative power of regret with Daniel Pink. Discover its unexpected benefits, delve into regrets related to relationships, and employ self-distancing techniques for insightful analysis and strategic decision-making. This course offers invaluable insights into leveraging regret as a catalyst for personal growth and fulfilling decision-making. No
5 Next Big Idea Club Ayelet Fishbach on Getting It Done 40 Min Unlock the secrets of productivity with Ayelet Fishbach. Learn to set goals based on benefits, harness intrinsic motivation, and cultivate patience. This course provides essential strategies for achieving tasks efficiently and effectively, empowering you to accomplish your objectives with purpose and determination. No
6 Next Big Idea Club Shankar Vedantam on the Hidden Benefits of Delusion 35 Min Explore the intriguing realm of delusion with Shankar Vedantam. Discover the surprising connections between love, kindness, and the stories we tell ourselves. Learn how faith can have positive effects on well-being. This course offers unique insights into the complex interplay between perception, belief, and human behavior. No
7 Next Big Idea Club Annie Murphy Paul on Thinking Outside the Brain 45 Min Delve into cognitive insights with Annie Murphy Paul. Uncover the potency of affect labeling, understand the essence of thought processes, and explore the remarkable capabilities of the social brain. This course offers valuable perspectives on expanding thinking beyond the confines of the brain for enhanced understanding and decision-making. No
8 Next Big Idea Club Dr. Ethan Kross on Harnessing the Chatter in Our Minds for Good 40 Min Unlock the potential of internal dialogue with Dr. Ethan Kross. Learn to navigate and harness the power of inner chatter for improved performance. Explore strategies to cultivate external order for inner peace. Understand the placebo effect’s impact on well-being. This course empowers you to optimize mental chatter for positive outcomes. No
9 Next Big Idea Club Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans on Redefining Power in a Hyper-Connected World 30 Min Join Henry Timms and Jeremy Heimans in reshaping power dynamics for the digital age. Master the art of idea dissemination, and embrace a new paradigm of leadership. Learn to effectively manage professionals in this hyper-connected world. This course empowers you to navigate and thrive in the evolving landscape of influence and authority. No
10 Next Big Idea Club Jennifer Eberhardt on Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do 35 Min Explore the profound impact of hidden prejudice with Jennifer Eberhardt. Gain insights into selective attention and procedural justice. Discover the science behind recognition and the risks associated with stereotypes. This course provides eye-opening perspectives on understanding and addressing subconscious biases that influence perceptions and behavior. No
11 Next Big Idea Club Zachary Wood on Having Uncomfortable Conversations About Sensitive Issues 45 Min Embrace the power of uncomfortable conversations with Zachary Wood. Define your core values and confront sensitive issues head-on. Learn effective techniques to address controversial topics you’re passionate about. This course empowers you to navigate difficult conversations with empathy, respect, and a commitment to fostering understanding and positive change. No
12 Next Big Idea Club Alex Hutchinson on Endurance 40 Min Explore the depths of endurance with Alex Hutchinson. Challenge the notion of limits and tap into the synergy of body and mind. Cultivate unwavering belief in your potential. This course offers invaluable insights and techniques to push boundaries, unlocking newfound levels of stamina and performance in any endeavor. No
13 Next Big Idea Club Dr. Vivek Murthy on the Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World 50 Min Uncover the profound impact of human connection with Dr. Vivek Murthy. Delve into the fundamental need for connection, rooted in human evolution. Explore the concept of the loneliness threshold and its implications in our modern world. This course offers essential insights for cultivating meaningful connections in a sometimes lonely world. No
14 Next Big Idea Club Safi Bahcall on Nurturing the Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries 60 Min Embark on a transformative journey with Safi Bahcall. Understand the essence of ‘loonshots’ and their impact on monumental achievements. Dive into the science behind fostering innovative ideas. Learn to apply a systemic approach, prioritizing processes over outcomes. This course equips you to nurture groundbreaking concepts that revolutionize industries and reshape the world. No
15 Next Big Idea Club Daniel Coyle on the Secrets of Highly Successful Groups 35 Min Uncover the secrets of exceptional group success with Daniel Coyle. Learn to signal connection, fostering a cohesive team dynamic. Cultivate the vulnerability habit for deeper collaboration and trust. Prioritize effectively by signaling your commitments. This course empowers you to lead and contribute to high-achieving groups for outstanding collective achievements. No
16 Next Big Idea Club Kate Murphy on the Science of Effective Listening 30 Min Enhance your listening skills with Kate Murphy. Establish conducive environments for effective listening. Cultivate curiosity to engage more deeply. Master your internal dialogue for attentive presence. This course provides invaluable insights and practical techniques to become a more attentive and impactful listener, enriching personal and professional relationships. No

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