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Are you looking for online learning management system experts? Use our learning management experts to consult if you want to design and implement an LMS, a Learning App or a Learning Experience platform. Our off-the-shelf products or custom products will ensure that they suit your learning technology needs.

Online Learning Management System

The latest in technology innovations when applied to good learning strategies result in an enriching and engaging experience for the learner. Also, since technology can go way beyond just imparting learning, administrators and decision makers can predict if the learning has been effective and has resulted in the desired return on investment.

Why Apposite?

Apposite has an impactful learning technology team that suggests great technology solutions to clients and partners so that they receive 10x value from their learning investment. Be it the latest features in Online Learning Management System, unconventional learning experiences in AR, VR, and MR, or effective content curation via a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), Apposite stands at the forefront of implementing the latest that technology has to offer for a great learning solution.

eLearning Authoring Technologies

There are several new age tools that help create extremely engaging elearning courses in a rapid authoring model. Apposite’s team has considerable experience in creating elearning using these elearning tools to ensure that the learners get a great learning experience and the clients have shorter timelines and smaller budgets. Some of the elearning development tools that our team is proficient with are:

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Articulate Rise 360
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Lectora Inspire and online
  • Elucidat
  • Adapt
  • iSpring Suite

Learning Management System Technologies

The modern day learning management systems can do a lot more than just hosting courses and tracking user data. There’s a lot of options if you want to implement an LMS for your organization. Whether you want an on-premise custom LMS, a cloud-based LMS, or an open source LMS such as Moodle LMS, our Online Learning Management System architects will consult with you to understand, your environment and your end users.

Adaptive Learning

A typical classroom based training is based on a homogeneous approach towards learning. But every learner is unique, and therefore identical learning programs fail to garner the desired results. We provide adaptive learning strategies to learners, which is more personalized and is a smarter alternative to traditional learning where each learner can learn at their own pace. A practical, engaging, and tailor-made solution is a training delight for a learner.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offers a more immersive learning experience, just like a 3-D movie that is more engaging than a 2-D. AR and VR bring life into learning. It makes one feel a part of the whole environment that they are learning about. When incorporated in learning solutions, it turns a passive learner into an active participant, thus enriching the experience even more. Apposite’s AR/VR team has considerable experience creating some visually stunning and immersive learning solutions for healthcare, hospitality, aviation, and other industries


Games always keep people of all ages totally engaged and their mind active. This state of the mind is most conducive for learning to be imparted. That is the reason game based learning or gamification is an extremely popular means of imparting learning. With advancement in technology it is possible to create and deliver game-based learning via multiple device types. Thanks to the gaming methodologies their application towards teaching a wide array of concepts is proving to be highly effective. With the inclusion of leaderboards, badges, rewards, levels and other cool features gamification of learning is not only technologically easy but also effective. Trust our gamification experts to convert your passive learning into highly engaging game based learning courses.

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A learning management system (LMS) is a software application or web-based technology used to create, manage, and deliver e-learning content. These are the foundation of online learning. Organizations use LMSs and related software to manage their online learning programs. A good LMS lets admins monitor employee progress, view analytics, and recalibrate their learning programs for maximum impact.

Choosing the right LMS is crucial to the success of your online training strategy. Following are a few steps when choosing an LMS for your organization’s needs:
1) Identify your audience
2) Review the Learning Requirements
3) Define Criteria to Shortlist Platforms
4) Choose a Mobile-Friendly Design
5) Check the Pricing Structure
6) Go Deep With Data & Analytics
7) Assess Content Compatibility
8) Consider Instructor Student Interaction
9) Develop a Training Strategy

An LMS is by far the most efficient way to run an online learning program, both for the administrators and for the learners. With an LMS, learning managers can build complete courses quickly without the help of a developer. It makes courses more impactful and easier to consume. Employees can access their learning materials anywhere and learn on their own schedule and at their own pace.


We just completed beta changes and I must say it looks great! Thank you and team for all the brainstorming that went into creating the course!

Swati Sengupta, Global E-Learning Manager, Nobel Biocare Services AG

Heck, you did such a good job that we should pay you twice!

Ray Horak, The Context Corporation

That is a testament to your abilities and expertise. You guys did a GREAT job, were on top of everything, and the project went off like clockwork. I don’t think many people could step in like you guys did in the middle of two big projects like that and manage them as successfully as you did, especially with the hurdles we faced with product delays and the VM issues. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication!

Tony Frink – Senior Content Development Manager, Microsoft

You did a fabulous job in such a short timeframe. Thank you both very much! ..it seems anti-climactic to say thank you in one simple little sentence. I wish I had a couple of cymbals and some fanfare!!

Meg Olsen, Principal, Waypoint Ventures LLC

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