HR Transformation Training Development

We can help you transform your organization into a high-efficiency hub with learning strategies that are tailor-made for your HR transformation needs. Our Solution Architects can assist you to analyze constraints and challenges within your organization’s systems and processes and energize your workforce to adapt to new systems.

HR Transformation Services

As organizations evolve their internal HR Transformation is inevitable and a natural progression. It is important to transform HR in order to transform the most valuable asset of a company- it’s employees. With the evolution in business and practices, training and development in HRM have become important.
We help you in identifying the gap between existing skills and the future skills and create effective classroom and elearning training programs for upskilling the existing talent. We believe that a personalized learning path for your workforce is crucial for the overall organizational growth and development.

Knowing The Right Skills And Competencies

A holistic training and development program can help in mapping the right skills and competencies in the most efficient manner thereby yielding the desired organizational results. We help in a 360-degree personnel and organizational transformation by creating training on HR related content such as HR policies, leadership, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict management, and so on.

Channelizing Behavioral Competencies

The most impactful tool in performance management is channelizing behavioral competencies towards achieving business goals. We provide solutions for generating a supportive environment for employees with various skill and learning needs.
Our learning strategies and methodologies help you to overcome prejudices in the workplace and to create a sustainable learning environment for differently-abled people by adopting the industry specific accessibility standards and guidelines.


Digital Transformation integrates technology into all HR procedures, thereby eliminating manual repetitive tasks and increasing efficiency. This results in higher employee productivity and engagement.

Although there are differences between organizations, broad stages of HR transformation are:

  1. Agreeing on the vision for transformation
  2. Onboarding stakeholders
  3. Defining the transformation strategy
  4. Identifying Skills and Competencies for successful adoption of technology
  5. Conduct training and incentivizing behavioral change
  6. Facilitating transference of Skills and Competencies to the job environment
  7. Addressing shortcomings in the implementation
  8. Measuring performance improvements.

Some of the key factors to success are:

  • Employee buy-in
  • Tailoring the benefits pitch to address apprehensions of different employee clusters
  • Ease of use of tools and technologies
  • Appropriate training and on-the-job support for wholehearted adoption.

Key drivers of HR transformation in large organizations include:

  1. Elimination of repetitive tasks in HR procedures and record-keeping
  2. Increase in efficiency and data integrity
  3. Allowing HR to function as an enabler rather than an administrator
  4. Enhancing employee experience.

The duration depends on the kind of transformation and the audience types. It can vary from 3 months to 12 months.

Noticeable outcomes of HR transformation include:

  1. Happier employees
  2. HR function that can solve future challenges
  3. High transactional transparency
  4. Higher employee productivity

Yes. We have created content for HR transformations for large organizations spanning 60,000 employees spread across 20 countries.

The cost depends on a variety of factors such as the depth of the transformation undertaken, the complexity of the technology used, and the number of audience types, and amount of training to be created. You can mail us at for a detailed explanation.


We just completed beta changes and I must say it looks great! Thank you and team for all the brainstorming that went into creating the course!

Swati Sengupta, Global E-Learning Manager, Nobel Biocare Services AG

Heck, you did such a good job that we should pay you twice!

Ray Horak, The Context Corporation

That is a testament to your abilities and expertise. You guys did a GREAT job, were on top of everything, and the project went off like clockwork. I don’t think many people could step in like you guys did in the middle of two big projects like that and manage them as successfully as you did, especially with the hurdles we faced with product delays and the VM issues. I just want to thank you for all the hard work and dedication!

Tony Frink – Senior Content Development Manager, Microsoft

You did a fabulous job in such a short timeframe. Thank you both very much! seems anti-climactic to say thank you in one simple little sentence. I wish I had a couple of cymbals and some fanfare!!

Meg Olsen, Principal, Waypoint Ventures LLC

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