Conversion of Technical Legacy Learning



Conversion of Technical Legacy Learning

The largest petrochemical company in India

  • Existing set of client’s technical training courses did not have satisfactory levels of learner engagement.
  • It was proving difficult to simulate the concepts and processes in the deep-sea petrochemical exploration domain in a cost-effective manner.
  • The number of deep-sea incidents increased in real-time as a result of ineffective training in a simulated environment.
  • Work with SMEs in a time-bound manner to quickly collect raw content and develop learning solutions despite their unavailability due to involvement in deep-sea exploratory procedures.
  • Create e-learning solutions that simulate difficult procedures and the precision handling of robotic equipment.
  • We created a game-based e-learning solution utilizing highly-interactive graphics and animations and that can be played on tablet devices.
  • We designed the solution where learners could learn and practice what they learnt, as well as explored deep-sea exploratory equipment using 360 degree perspective 3D models.
  • Upon evaluation, the client’s employees were reporting full completion and improved performance in deep-sea simulations.
  • The number of deep-sea incidents have reduced considerably with a recorded success ratio of 95% in real-time activities.

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