Learning Solution for Healthcare MIS



Learning Solution for Healthcare MIS

One of the largest healthcare IT solution providers for the US Medicaid program.

  • Migration of a major US healthcare management application from legacy system to cloud.
  • Encourage thousands of end-users to adapt to a cloud based application with minimal training intervention.
  • End users of the application vary in terms of process roles, responsibilities, and geography of operation requiring individual training curricula.
  • The base version of the application will be customized as per requirements of the individual States leading to multiple versions of the training.
  • We created a modular training and online user guide solution that addresses the differences in the application versions created for the different States.
  • We developed 25 learning hours of concise, accurate, and clear learning modules for adult learners with emphasis on not just how to use the system, but also why.
  • We designed the learning modules to be easily adaptable for the different learner types and relevant for customized versions of the application.
  • The e-learning approach made relevant information available for thousands of end-users in simple and executable modules applicable across States.
  • Short learning nuggets and concise user guides ensured that the learners had access to the right type of information when required.

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