Convert Classroom Training into Virtual Instructor-Led Training or eLearning

Whether you are a corporate organization or an educational institution, you can convert your existing instructor-led training (ILT) or classroom courses into Virtual Instructor-Led Training or Elearning. Convert and conduct your training/classes online within 1-2 weeks.

In the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are helping individual trainers, educational institutions, universities, and MNCs to continue their training business virtually through our Virtual Instructor-Led Training(VILT) and digital learning solutions.

Your existing classroom training content can be converted into Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) or other kinds of digital learning such as e-learning or video-based learning with the help of Apposite’s Virtual learning programs and digital learning experts. We can use your existing digital assets, content and learning strategies and implement effective virtual learning programs in a remarkably short time frame.

Reach out to us to know more about how we can help you get your training business back on track such that you get the same results as earlier.

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Transforming ILT to VILT

The transformation of an ILT into an effective virtual-ILT takes more than just running the ILT content via a video conferencing facility. To provide the same momentum of classroom participation, a number of virtual classroom strategies need to be applied to your existing ILT content for optimum results. While the role of the instructor is still maintained intact, there is an inherent need to make changes to the ILT content with respect to presentation, engagement, assessment, and delivery. Apposite VILT experts can consult with you to provide options where we can make minor changes to your existing ILT to make it VILT-ready in a matter of a few days, or a complete redesign of the existing ILT to ensure that you get most results from your ILT to VILT conversion efforts.

Transforming ILT to VILT
Transforming ILT to e-Learning

Transforming ILT to e-Learning

The transformation of ILT to e-Learning is a perfect way of providing an instructor-free learning experience and yet achieving the same learning goals. Not only are the e-learning courses self-sufficient, but it can also be made highly engaging and interactive with the help of animations and visually rich graphics. Our team of experts can convert your existing ILT content into various types of E-learning - scenario-based e-learning, video-based E-learning, game-based E-learning, and simulation-based E-learning, among others. Our E-learning consultants aim at creating a self-paced digital learning experience which provides much more than your existing classroom-based learning experience. With user-centric E-elearning strategies and appropriate instructions for every engagement, the E-learning results in an extremely refreshing experience.

Online Hosting Of Your Existing Classroom Training

If you have existing ILT or classroom training and just want help in hosting it online, our consultants can guide you through the process. So if you have absolutely no idea how to do it and need help all the way or if you just want help in selecting the right online hosting tools, we can provide the appropriate support.

We don't just stop at consulting but can monitor the online sessions to ensure that you and your students have a seamless experience. Trust our online hosting experts to guide you all the way until you become an expert at hosting online classes. And along the way, if you want to change your existing content to ensure that online teaching strategies are adopted, we can help in that too.

Online Hosting Of Your Existing Classroom Training


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The power of technology has changed the way we do business nowadays. In particular, it has changed the way we conduct meetings and organize trainings.

Doing the right things will help you survive… doing the right things right will help you thrive!

We keep telling our clients, ‘Our goal is not to follow best practices but to pursue all avenues of creating the best learning experiences that suit the needs of learners.

How schools, universities, and other educational institutions can conduct classes online

One of the biggest industries to experience a fallout because of the Covid-19 lockdown is the education industry across the globe.

Convert Instructor-led Training (ILT) to Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

With Coronavirus engulfing the world’s health and economy, one of the hardest-hit sectors is the instructor-led training (ILT) industry.

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